About the Author

Brian Dering is an internationally published, professional photographer (Dering Photography) and has a unique gift for capturing his client’s ‘essence’.  His gift (and curse) of being a “Highly Sensitive Person” has provided him a lifetime of opportunity to observe and analyze the “Human Condition” as it relates to the dynamic interactions between Highly Sensitive People and Narcissists.

Brian has had many different career ‘roles’ during his life, from night club DJ, Computer Network Engineer, Web Site Designer to Auto Parts Counterman and many other jobs in between.  This provided many different types of environments in which to explore the interactions of people in business and social settings.

Brian always felt he was ‘different’.  A “round peg in a square peg world”.  It has taken him nearly a half century to discover the reason behind this ‘difference’ and now he shares that discovery and accumulated knowledge with others.