My 1973 Dodge Charger SE

Me and my MOPAR!


My name is Brian Dering and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to my personal site. The site has been On-Line, in various formats since about 1994.

After going through the web site log files from 2000 and later and examining where visitors were actually going on the site, I realized that the most popular part of the site was the pages regarding my 1973 Dodge Charger SE. Therefore, I have added some new parts to the site and updated the pictures. I have also added a work log of the things that I have done with my '73 Dodge Charger since I bought it.  I keep making changes and updating the site as much as possible.  Recently I have started making a few parts, brackets and such, for my Charger.

I have added some of my own personal artwork and a few thoughts on different topics.  If you are looking for my business site please visit EnDering WebWorks for more about my computer consulting and web design services.

The work log is rather extensive and I actually started adding comments in the log as I had anticipated that eventually, I would post it on the site. I have also considered adding more content to the site regarding Helpful Tips and other information that may help those who decide to work on a MOPAR instead of a Chevy or Ford. I do not have anything personal against Ford, Chevy or other makes, but I feel you really need to be dedicated to restore or modify a MOPAR...Especially one of the "lost Chargers" like the 1973 and 1974 Dodge Chargers. See below for more...

I would like to thank all those who have E-mailed me over the years. As always, I am happy to help those who e-mail me with specific questions. I will do my best to either help based on what I have done, or give you other sources for the information, parts, etc. that you are seeking. I have had to do extensive research on the Dodge Charger (Especially as it applies to the 1973 and 1974 models).

You may notice that a few years are missing from the links on the left.  Those are not really missing...I just did not work on the car for those two years. I was involved in buying a house and was devoting my time to working on the house.  Now that some of the more immediate needs of the house have been met, I can devote some time to my Charger.

Parts AvailabilityI can tell you that some parts are just not available least not in the original materials, if they are available.  For example; I have seen the reveal molding for the front and rear bumpers (though nobody seems to want to give up their source), however they are the wrong color.  I know, I owned a 1974 Dodge Charger SE with everything including the factory sun roof (wish I still had that car).  The molding was grey, not black.  But, I would accept black at this point.  I have not been able to source the neoprene surrounds for the headlights either.  These are usually hard, shrunken and distorted or brown and cracked from the many years of UV light exposure.  The same goes for the rocker panel trim...It only seems to be available from someone who may have a couple pieces or from EBay.

The S-L-O-W Death of the Charger   Governmental emissions standards of the day started the demise of the Charger model with reduced emissions equaling lower HP numbers.  By 1974 the 440 was doomed and the new model Charger in 1975 ("With rich Corinthian Leather") looked much like the Chevrolet Monte Carlo with the two large headlights and the restructured grill, bumper, etc.  So, the 1974 Charger was really the last of the "Coke Bottle" designs.  While the 1975 Charger retained the proportioning (long hood, short trunk) it lost the rounded body lines.  Don't get me wrong, I like the '75 Chargers and the Daytona Chargers, and if you can find one...the "Midnight Charger".  But, I still like the '73 and '74 the best as that body style has sentimental value for me.  WAY back in 1978, I owned a 1974 Dodge Charger SE Brougham, 440, DANA 60, every option available, even the factory sun roof!  So, I remember those days.  :-)

  Now with the new Charger (I can barely say the name when referring to the new version) it seems that the REAL Charger is dead.  I have to say the Charger 2.2/Omni/Turismo... was an abomination on a classic namesake, this 4 door 2006 version is the last nail in the coffin for the Charger name and what it represented.  It is a very sad day in MOPAR land.

Chevy, Ford and more...Oh My   For the more popular Chevys and Fords (Camaro, Chevelle, Nova, and well...Mustang, Etc.), you can find parts readily available from Year One and MANY other sources.  Even some of the earlier MOPARs have great aftermarket part availability.  The early Charger, Challenger and Barracudas are good examples.  1973 and 1974 Chargers seemed to be the Lost Years.  It is a shame since those models started to bring the "Luxury" editions but, unfortunately, about the same time, the country was beginning a very nasty bout with OPEC oil prices and the first gas shortage.  Even with the gas shortage, at the time, gas was selling for about .59 cents (US) a gallon.

Jim's Auto Parts    I feel that I do need to mention "Jims Auto Parts".  I have found the availability of parts to be better than Year One for MOPAR parts.  I have found many parts at Jim's that I was not able to get from Year One or anywhere else.  The molded plastic interior panels are available from Jim's.  Even floor pans are available from Jim's.  I highly recommend a visit to the web site if you are restoring a MOPAR.

  That being said, I do want to point out that in my opinion, some parts can be obtained from other sources for less money.  And we all like to save money when it comes to already paying top dollar for MOPAR parts (as compared to Chevy or Ford). Legendary Interiors has better pricing on interior parts for the ''73 and '74 Chargers and from what I understand, most other retailers get their stuff from Legendary and resell it.  ;-)