1973 Dodge Charger SE work log 2001

Work Log 2001


Removed car cover from Charger and took it to wash it.


Took out battery to recharge at work. May need a new one. I found out that the battery took a charge just fine. The issue is a draw on the battery. Interestingly the only thing that was on was a LED light for the switch on the driving lights. I will have to either disconnect the battery before putting the car away or figure out something different for the switch.


Bought and installed new K&N air filter.


Dropped off car at Steve Levine’s for some major fuel system and other work. On the card are the following:

  • New P.S. Pump Hoses
  • New Fuel Pump
  • New Plugs
  • Adjust carburetor
  • Block off old fuel pump opening
  • New Fuel Lines
  • New Pulleys
  • Reset Timing
  • New Edelbrock carburetor
  • Fix steering coupler
  • New Intake Manifold
  • New Fuel Filter
  • New Power Steering Pump
  • Install Fuel Pressure Regulator


    Replaced passenger side window lift motor and fixed the window track problem. One MAJOR note here; Make sure you brace the window securely in the UP position! I had one brace slip out of position and had not realized it. When I took the last screw out of the motor, the large gear inside the door moved and under the weight of the glass in the window, came down very quickly and with a great deal of force. Luckily I had placed the replacement motor into the door cavity and it stopped the gear from shearing off my finger.


    Installed new fan spacer. Installed new Fan (Chrome / Red)


    Installed new Thermostat and gasket. Added “40 Degree below”…Did not help. Car is still getting too hot and temperature saturating.


    Cleaned interior. Started touch up painting of engine compartment. Fixed gauge lights and halo lights. Started cleaning up coolant reserve bottle I had gotten from the ’74 Dodge Charger. Did a quick inventory of parts in storage. Tried installing the spark plug wire looms but, they just will not fit on the car.


    Cleaned and installed “stock” radiator overflow bottle. Waxed car (bought buffer). Disassembled one of the license plate light assemblies that I have. Ground off the screw tops and cleaned the clear plastic lens.


    Flushed out the radiator. I found out that the transmission cooler is cold even when the radiator is “boiling hot”. I think it is time to purchase a new transmission cooler and run the transmission directly to it and bypassing the radiator. Installed new anti-freeze in system (50-50 mix).


    Added anti-freeze mix to overflow bottle. Started painting the undercarriage of the car black. Wire brushed the license plate light bracket and applied rust inhibitor.


    Rust treated license plate light bracket.


    Painted license plate light bracket.


    Reassembled license plate light bracket.


    Reinstalled license plate light bracket and reconnected license plate light. Installed new transmission cooler. Changed fan back to the old fan that was in the car from the beginning. After installing the transmission cooler and driving the car, I found that the coolant temperature had decreased by roughly 5 degrees.


    Installed rebuilt distributor and reset timing. 10 degrees BTDC w/o vac advance.


    Installed new switch for fuel pump and rewired to go on with ignition.


    Took car to Cherry tire: Alignment, fix rattling exhaust pipes, tighten wheel bearing.


    Changed valve cover gaskets and installed “stand-offs” for ignition wire holders.


    Buffed car with 3M finesse-it and waxed car.