1973 Dodge Charger SE work log 2000

Work Log 2000


Bought DynoMax mufflers from East Coast Speed shop.


Had custom exhaust pipes made, installed and mufflers installed. (Unfortunately I would later find that the pipes are a little small for the car and they would need to be replaced and I would want a set of FlowMaster mufflers for the sound quality). However, for now, the exhaust is better than it was and exits the car better than the pipes sticking so far out the back of the car.


Filled power steering pump (got rid of grinding noise) Put closed cap on valve cover (passenger side)


Installed closed cap on valve cover (driver side)


Ordered some parts from Year One. 7/7/00 Received some Year One parts. Installed new upper fender turn signal indicators. Washed, waxed, detailed.


Scrubbed vinyl top and rear seat with Wesley’s Bleach White. I used a soft bristle brush since the vinyl top has grain, it was necessary to get into all the small areas. Fixed interior headliner intermediate panels.


Installed driving lights. Found and connected windshield washer motor wire. Removed driver side Valve Cover (head casting # 2843906-7) Polished driver side valve cover and dremeled out bolt area. ( I was not able to get a socket between the valve cover and the nut. Since the heads have studs in them, it made the clearances a little tight. Cleaned out and organized trunk. Removed old exhaust pipe bracket that remained from new pipe install.


Made valve cover baffles from sheet metal I picked up from Home Depot. Fitted and installed one baffle on the valve cover that had been removed. Picked out and bought carpet for trunk (Black) Joined Circle Run Cruisers (Car Club) I would later find out that this club was not a good club but, that is another story…


Removed second valve cover. Dremeled out second valve cover, Fixed “boo boo” from gouging out bolt area polished second valve cover Installed new rubber bumper parts on hood area, trunk, license plate door and doors installed new window switch relay.


Re-installed valve covers with new gaskets NOTE: Covers leaked and when tightening them, I broke one side. Need new covers.


Removed the broken valve covers from the car.


Went to Carlisle Chrysler Nationals. Picked up the following parts: New chrome bumper, new chrome valve covers, new chrome air cleaner housing, used trim for door kick plates, used (black) door handle pulls, used license plate light housing, 2 cans of Argent Silver paint, used passenger side Mirror, used power window switches, used trim piece for front right corner (fender), 2 new wash mits, 2 spare ballast resistors, new bolts for bumper.


Started installing new air cleaner. Found out that the air cleaner would not clear the linkage. Worked on re-engineering it for about 2 hours. Also, removed intake bolt that was too short, have to get a longer one. Also need new springs for return. Ordered rubber valve cover gaskets. Installed one breather cap in one valve cover.


Installed the new valve covers and new valve cover gaskets. Still need a new grommet for the PCV valve. Installed new linkage for accelerator cable and new return springs. Installed new air cleaner and air cleaner housing. Received parts from JC Whitney.


Installed new grommet for PCV valve. Installed two switches and installed Halo lights down interior of the car. Checked brake / Turn signal lights in rear of car.


Installed left rear tailpipe hanger. Had Chrome tips installed on tailpipe tips. Got car inspected. Installed headlight shields. Reinstalled lock for center glove box. Adjusted driving lights. Removed grills and sanded, prepped and taped ready for painting. Painted rubber grill inserts.


Painted grills, Argent Silver (4 coats). Removed front bumper (took a long time between broken bolts and bolts that were rusted solid). Reassembled front grills and rubber light surrounds. Wire brushed rusted secondary bumper frame. Treated secondary bumper frame with rust changer. Treated front car frame ends (rusted) with rust changer. Cleaned front “reveal” end molding.


Painted front reveal molding. Scrubbed center reveal molding and stripped the black paint off of it. Painted reveal molding center piece. Painted bumper sub frame. Bought new bolts for reinstalling bumper and sub bumper frame.


Reinstalled sub frame onto new front bumper. Reinstalled reveal moldings on the ends of the new front bumper. Reinstalled center reveal molding onto new bumper. Reinstalled new front bumper. Reinstalled driving lights. Reinstalled painted grills and center trim.


Went to Marlboro, NY to check out a ’74 Dodge Charger for parts. I bought some parts from Dallas (the guy who owns the car). I bought door pulls, interior door panels, rear trunk trim piece, NEW fuel sender, mid-side body trim, door molding, etc. I installed the door pulls on my Charger. Luckily the interior was white, so many of the parts found their way into the car right away.


Installed new Optima “Deep Cycle Battery” and new voltage regulator.


Used some Gunk Engine Bright to clean the engine. Connected grounding strap. Wiped engine down. Replaced wiper post bushing.


Stripped the ’74 Dodge Charger with Bill. Spent 6 hours getting parts.


Installed passenger door panels from ’74 Dodge Charger. Installed passenger side window switch. Hooked up power to the power window motor. Removed hard wire for passenger side motor. Mounted third brake light.


Installed wiper blades (with new refills) from ’74 Dodge Charger. (This was necessary because the new style replacement blades that you get in most places are about 1\8” too tall to fit under the hood. Since the car has “Hide-A-Way” wipers, they needed to fit under the hood.) Replaced two bushings in wiper linkage. Started diagnosing third brake light problem. I have decided to use the brake pedal switch for a trigger for the third light. I need to run a new line to the rear.


Dropped car off at Steve Becker’s shop for repair of the transmission and to have the rear gears and torque converter changed. The transmission let go of 1st, reverse, and drive last Thursday night. While the transmission needs to be fixed, it makes sense to have the gears and torque converter changed at the same time.


Update: Still the car is not back. But I have been buying parts and sending them to Becker’s for him to install in the car. I have replaced the fluid in the rear with Valvoline synthetic gear oil, with “posi additive”. I have bought Mobil 1 synthetic automatic transmission fluid for the transmission. I have bought the new speedometer gear and housing along with the seals and hold down clip for the speedometer housing from Year One. I sent over the new transmission mount and the neutral safety switch. I have been having a hard time getting the correct speedometer cable for the transmission. I finally ordered the cable from Year One. All the “next day” charges are killing me. About $40 just for the next day charges on one of these packages. Hopefully, the car will be done this week.


Sent Mobil One Synthetic transmission fluid over to Becker’s today. He said that he would figure something out with the bushing for the “drum” in the transmission.


Finally got my Charger back today from Becker’s. The car is like a totally different car. It is much better now. The RPM of the engine is in a much better range. The car was just revving way too high to even do 60 MPH.


Entered the car in the Lion’s club car show. Finally won my second Trophy… Third place, but that is okay for now. I beat out some nice cars for that place. The class (range of years) was pretty large. The class was ’69 – ’81 modified, and there were roughly 40 cars in that class.


Got oil and filter changed. Mobil One Synthetic, NAPA Gold.


Clear coated intake manifold. 2 Coats clear lacquer.


Charger alignment, STS tire.