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Some of my Other Thoughts & Pet Peeves

These are my opinions... and should be taken a such...Just MY opinions and observations, your mileage may vary.

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Hang Up and Drive!

I guess I just have an issue with folks driving while talking on their cell phones.  One of the reasons that I seem to see so many is they usually do something stupid or just down right dangerous that draws my attention to them.  You can usually see them since they are holding the phone to their heads to begin with.  Stopping for GREEN lights, not stopping for stop signs, making a right on red without stopping or even considering oncoming traffic, erratic lane changes, and exhibiting poor judgment while driving. 

I do not think the issue is a "hands free" adaptor issue but one of concentration.  It seems these folks are focusing more on the conversation they are having than the fact that they are supposed to be controlling a 2 ton vehicle.  This is evident by their driving behavior or perhaps they are just the worst drivers on the planet and are taking up a new vocation as Tele-marketers!

Read more about this problem here: http://www.slate.com/id/2202978/?GT1=38001

 Can anyone count change without the register telling them how much to give me back?

This one kills me. I guess I must be really old because I learned simple addition and subtraction in grade school...without using a calculator! 

You can always tell when someone is not counting your change back but just going by whatever the register tells them to give you.  When you count back change, you normally pull from the lowest denomination to the highest.  You count UP to the amount that you were given.  When someone is just going by the register result, they will go from the HIGHEST denomination to the lowest.  And do not expect that anyone who just goes by the register can count your change back to you.  Normally, you are just handed the change along with your receipt.  Now I am not saying that Everyone does this, but the number of times that someone (other than the bank) has actually counted my change back is less than one percent.

 The cost of Gas keeps rising earlier every year

It is April 11 2006 and gas prices have been rising already for the past few weeks. It used to be Memorial Day weekend when prices would really get hiked up with the beginning of the vacation and travel season.  I watched the same thing happen last year.  About a month before Memorial Day, gas prices started rising, and here is the kicker; Oil refiners posted record profits last year...even with hurricanes knocking out production in the gulf.

I really think that it is amazing and I think that folks will accept small increases over a period of a few months or a year as opposed to days or a few weeks.  Interestingly, this is the basic ploy I see it each time something like this happens.  I call it the "Tell them to go to Hell and make them look forward to the trip" ploy.

The fuel industry seems to have adopted the following; Let's say gas is $3.00 a gallon.  And the gas industry wants to net a $.30 increase per gallon.  Through the industry, prices rise by $.80 per gallon, people are outraged!  Then after some government and watchdog groups start probing the increases, gas prices start to drop slowly.  And eventually stop at about $.40 more per gallon than when the increases started.  So, most folks are just so happy that gas prices are going down that they forget that the price is now $.40 more than it was before all this started.  So, basically, the gas industry has told the public to "Go to hell" and made the public look forward to the trip.  Pretty nasty tactics in my opinion.

Generation "Y"

I have been reading a great deal lately about how these folks are now entering the "work force" and how they are great at multi-tasking...  Bull CRAP!  Now keep in mind that I am not necessarily including all of the "generation Y" folks into this observation but the proof does bear itself out in action, or inaction, whichever the case may be.

Multi-Tasking:  From my personal observations, the only thing that they are good at multi-tasking is what is important to them on a personal level.  Nothing professional about it.  They seem to view the jobs they are supposed to be doing as an interruption to their own personal time and space.  I have personally watched many times as a 'retail counter person' was too busy talking on their personal cell phone (obvious personal call), as people waited to be rung up or needed help.  I can tell you that these same folks can not talk on the cell phone and drive so, perhaps it is not the quantity of things that you can do at once but the QUALITY of the things(s) that you do that should be paramount!

Praise:  This is something that I read lately and I agree with it.  "Generation Y folks are used to outstanding praise and grand rewards for mediocre performance."

This is very true.  Many of these younger people want big paychecks and rewards / perks, for below average performance. 

I guess in an effort for parents (who were not spending nearly as much time PARENTING as they should have), to build their children's self esteem, they showered them with big praise, money, gifts, cars, etc. for work, behavior, or performance that was average or below average. And since some of these parents may have felt guilt for not spending quality time with their children, they gave their kids just about everything that they wanted, right away.  Can you say SPOILED BRATS!?  ...   I knew that you could.