1973 Dodge Charger SE Pictures 2007


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Power Steering Pump Bracket   With the bolt breaking away from the alternator, it caused a little damage to other components and started my search for a "strange" noise from the engine. So we begin this year with some accessory mounting work.  This is a shot of the power steering bracket that I took off to install a new (rebuilt) power steering pump.  I wire brushed this bracket down, straightened it out a little, welded on a couple nuts that really should be welded in place, and painted the bracket.
Power Steering Bracket shot 2   This is another shot of the bracket.  I am not sure what this bracket was in originally.  I had the pump changed when I had first gotten the car since I did not have time to do it myself I took it to a guy who was in a car club that I had joined.  He had a repair shop and supposedly worked on "high performance" cars.  All I can say is the guy was a "hack".  I have a "federal" type pump in my Charger and I am fairly certain this is not the bracket that was in the car originally but, I used it for now.
Aluminum Water Pump Rough   One of the possible causes of the mysterious noise from the engine could have been the water pump.  I decided to change it.  I was planning on getting this pump since it is aluminum (saves a couple lbs.) and should flow better since it is a Mopar Performance unit.  The clearances are supposed to be better on these pumps than the NAPA pump I put on years ago.  The Body of the pump came rough.  Not very much is exposed but I decided to polish it up. 
Water Pump Buff 1   After sanding the pump with 220 grit paper on the random orbital sander (you can see it in the picture), I buffed the edge of the pump with a buffing wheel mounted on my variable speed bench grinder.  I was not after a 'perfect polish' but, I wanted to get it buffed out a little. 
Water Pump Buff 2 The exposed portion of the pump polished up nicely.  I was actually surprised how fast the pump buffed out.  Perhaps this aluminum is a little softer than the type I am used to polishing out.  Of course you realize that the intake manifold will be my next victim. :-)
Old Bolts   These are the old bolts from the intake manifold.  Also the accelerator cable bracket, valley pan end hold downs and the return spring bracket.  ALL of this stuff got replaced.  
Valley Pan    This is the old valley pan.  After about 7 years, it has seen better days...and none of them were recently.  This also was replaced...obviously.
New Stainless Steel Bolts    These are the new stainless steel bolts that I bought to replace the old bolts in the intake manifold.  Interestingly, there are 12 bolts in the package even though my 440 only takes 8.  No problem, I am sure I will find a use for them.
Accelerator bracket version 1    This is the first version of the new accelerator bracket.  After cutting it out and fitting it in the car, I found that I needed to move the connection point back about 1/2 inch.  So, I went to version 2.
Acceleratior Bracket version 2 This is the second version.  I made this from 3"x1/8" aluminum, buffed, polished and clear coated it.  I am using button head stainless steel screws to attach the cable clamp to the bracket.
Accelerator Bracket version 2 bottom This is the bottom of the bracket.  This is the underside or the side that faces the engine.  I made the clamp by placing a piece of aluminum strip in my bench vise with (3) 1/4" bolts.  Two on one side and the other on the other side of the strip, between the other bolts.  Then just tightened the vise.  I also threaded the clamp so I could make adjustments (if necessary) and not lose a nut on the engine.
Accelerator bracket 2 view 2 This is a view from the "front".  Since it is low on the engine, most folks will most likely never even notice it.  It does tighten all the way down if necessary, but with my cable, it is not necessary.
Manifold - Before This is a shot of the manifold that I polished...BEFORE...

You can read details of the process on this page.
Manifold After Polishing This is after MANY hours of sanding, buffing, polishing and clear coat.

You can read details of the process on this page.
Accelerator Bracket From this shot you can see the new accelerator bracket, the polished manifold, the new chrome valve covers and a little of the new upper radiator hose.  Also, if you look close, you can see the new Temp gauge sender that I ran along the inner valve cover bolts.
New Upper Radiator Hose  Here is a shot from the front of the engine.  You can see the new Radiator hose and the pre-bent heater hoses that I am installing. 
Spark Plug Bracket  In this shot you can see one of the new "stand-Off" brackets that I made for the spark plug wire holders.  The trouble with these holders is that the holders are too wide and/or the edge of the head too low to mount them the way they are intended to be mounted.  This mounting raises them up a little and allows them to hold the wires inline. 
Latch Plate  This is the latch bracket that I removed and painted.  I also polished and clear coated the pop-up spring. 
Front paint  Here is a shot of the bracket and the upper fenders.  If you look at the engine pictures from 2004, you can see the difference. 
Front paint 2  This is the upper part of the fender that I painted.  I masked off the upper part of the fender that is outside of the engine compartment.  I also covered the engine to keep overspray from getting all over everything. 
Gauges Here is one shot of the new gauges.  The new tach location blocks the clock, but the clock does not work anyway so, no big loss.
Gauges 2 Here is another shot with a little better lighting.
Gauges 3 From a different angle.  I was able to do a fair job of hiding all of the wires.
Gauges 4 This is a little better of a shot of the gauges.  I used split loom and a few wire ties to cover everything. 
Under Hood 1 Under hood.  I still have to make a couple brackets and do a little more work on the wiring but overall...it starts and runs and I took it out for some gas. ;-)
Under hood #2 Here is another shot of the under hood work.
Wedgie This is a little something that I finally found in Advanced Auto.  It is called a "Wedgie" so, I guess you can say that I gave myself a wedgie!  And it was only $4.95+tax!

I will now have somewhere to put my Pepsi!  It only took 8 years to find something like this.  I had given thought to fabricating something but, I guess I had a difficult time justifying cutting up the console.  I guess it is interesting to compare then and now.  Cars now come with about 2 cup holders per square yard.  I think my '07 Pontiac G6 has 6!  My poor Charger had none...  You really can not count the small indentations in the glove compartment door.