1973 Dodge Charger SE Pictures 2006


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Passenger side door Okay, here is the right side door after the repair.  You would never know that there was a 2" hole in the lower left corner of the door.  If you have been following the 2006 Work log, you would know how this progressed.  However, I promised to post before during and after pictures of the driver side.  See below...
Left door This is a rust "bubble" in the lower front corner of the driver side door.  It is all the way through and I will need to patch this like I did the passenger side door.  I can not get door skins or even lower door patch panels, So, I make my own.
Rear left fender This is a spot on the lower driver side (left) side of the car.  Just in front of the rear tire.  This is a common rust area even though the rear quarter panels had been replaced sometime in the past, apparently all of the rust was not cut out and the panel was laid on top of the old panel.  I will have to cut this area out and see how much needs to be replaced.
Left rocker This is the really bad one.  This area was "bubbling" for awhile and finally had raised up off the body line to make itself very apparent.  You can see the light areas around the rust spot...that is actually bondo that is about 1/4" - 1/2" thick from what I can see so far...
Another left rocker shot ...I will have to grind away on this to find metal and see how much of this area I will have to replace.  If it is very large, I may opt for a rocker panel replacement (they are still available).  Otherwise, I will make patch panels and weld them in.
Yet another left rocker shot This is another shot of the same spot.  This spot is in a bad spot, again, on the lower part of the car.  I guess this is fortunate in the fact that it is not as noticeable as if it were higher up on the car, but it is unfortunate because it is in an area that is hard to work on since it is so low to the ground.
Driver door This is the driver side door front with the paint removed.  I ground back to see how much I would have to cut out of this section.
Driver door 2 This is the final cut out section of the spot on the door.  You can see the other side of the door...the structural portion of the door.
driver door with icing This is the front of the door section after cutting a metal patch from sheet metal, shaping it, and welding it in then giving it two coats of icing.
Left rocker 4 This is the section below the rear driver side door corner.  This is a large section and looks nasty.
Left Rocker 5 This is the same area from a different angle, I took a few pictures of this just so you could see how bad this section was.  The 1/2" of body filler came out of this section.
Left rocker 6 You can see that the rocker does not even line up in this spot.  I guess that is the reason someone took the lazy way out and just filled the whole thing with body filler.
Left rocker 7 Here is all the rot cut out.
Left rocker 8 Another view
Left rocker 9 This is me pointing at the area.  My finger is resting on a raised metal (rust) section under the rotted section that I cut out.  You can see by the scale just how large this little paint bubble actually was.
Left rocker 10 This is the same area after cutting, fitting, and welding patches, rough out grind and two coats of icing
Quarter panel 1 This is the driver quarter panel just in front of the rear tire.
Quarter panel 2 This is the spot with the rotted section cut out.
Quarter panel 3 This is the same section after cutting, fitting, and welding patch in place this has two coats of icing but it may need a couple more just to get the proper shape.
Repair area 1 This is the repaired area just below the door on the driver side.  This is the spot that has the large area cut out in the pictures a few shots above.
Rear repair area. This is the area just in front of the rear tire on the driver side.  I had to work for awhile shaping the metal to be welded into this spot.  You can see how nice the paint and buffing came out by the reflection of my finger.
Pile of rusted metal. This is the pile of rusted metal that I removed from the passenger side floor area.  I welded in a new floor panel but this was the pile of shreds that I removed.
Floor removed from passenger side. This is the passenger side where the floor was removed and the framing under the floor that the new pan gets welded to.
Floor out. This is another shot of the passenger side floor area from where the back seat is.  You can see straight through to the floor.
One Angle of my 1973 Dodge Charger This is a "Catch Up" series of pictures.  These finish out all of the work done in 2006. 
1973 Dodge Charger Driver side This is the driver side.  If you have been looking at the different years of pictures, you can see some of the changes that have been taking place.  This is with the new wheels and bumpers and the paint wet sanded and buffed out.
1973 Dodge Charger from a distance Here is a shot from a distance.
1973 Dodge Charger from the front Here is a shot from the front.  The hood ornament top piece is actually from a '75-'78 Charger but it is very similar.  The color is appropriate and I only had to modify the base of the actual ornament slightly to fit the base.
1973 Dodge Charger interior Here is a shot of the interior.  You can see that the panels look a little better.  I used a special interior vinyl paint and then used a high solids urethane satin clear over it.  Eventually, I would like to change the interior now that Legendary Interiors has the interior parts.
1973 Dodge Charger interior different angle This is another shot of the interior from a different angle.
1973 Dodge Charger passenger side This is a shot of the passenger side.  Mainly for the look of the wheels, the fit of the tires and rims and the shine. 
1973 Dodge Charger rear  This is a shot of the rear with the new / re-chromed bumper and the rear splash pan smoothed out and repainted. 

That is it for this year.  See you in 2007!