1973 Dodge Charger SE Pictures 2005


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Front Spring 2005; you will note the leaves have not sprouted on the trees, yet.
Front driver side Another picture of the driver side, front.
Front passenger side Passenger side front.
Rear Rear
Right rear Passenger side rear.
Side This is the last shot of my Charger with these wheels. 
New Skins and Rims Here is my Charger with the new American Racing Hopster rims and Cooper Cobra GT tires.  Thanks to Cherry Tire in Maybrook, NY.
New Rims Another shot of my Charger with the new Rims and tires.  The larger tires on the rear help fill the wheel well and gives it a nice stance.
Rear Another angle.  These tires in the rear are 1" wider and 1" taller than the ones that used to be on the car.  The car still has the 15" rims (the size it should have).
American Racing Hopster and Cooper Cobra Here is a nice shot of the front driver side rim and tire.  I wanted a "Retro" look and the American Racing Hopster looks like a cross between a "Slotted Rim" and a "Crager" which were both popular in the early '70s.
Front A shot from the front.
Passenger side The rear tire fills the wheel well better.  Thanks to Joe Cherry, owner of Cherry Tire, who measured the clearance for the tire and rim combo.