1973 Dodge Charger SE Pictures 2004


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Back Seats

Here is a shot of the back seat from the passenger side.  My Charger finally has a garage!

Front in the Garage Here is another shot of the driver side in 2004.  Note the mirrors.  I painted the mirrors to match the car.  This is an extra set that I had around.
Driver interior This is a shot of the new steering wheel.  Well not really new...it is from a 1974 Dodge Charger but, I like this one better than the other one I had on it.
Engine pic1 This is a shot of the engine.  The new fuel rail and the air cleaner.  I actually had to cut about 3/4" from the throat of the lower air cleaner housing to get it to fit under the hood.  Clearance is an issue and I am still looking for a "Power Bulge" hood.
Another Engine Shot This is another shot of the engine compartment.
Ground Wire Note the ground wire connected to the firewall.  The ground wire is very important.  Most are missing or broken.  You want to make sure you have a ground wire from the engine to the chassis.  Otherwise, you could wind up with the car FINDING a ground through the accelerator cable (an burn it up) or any other sensitive access to ground.
Another Engine picture Front of the engine.  I made wires for the car (Semi-custom).  This is a Taylor wire set with one end molded and the other you cut and crimp.
Fuel Pressure Regulator There is the fuel pressure regulator, tucked up in front of the carb.
Holley Fuel Pump This was the first location for the fuel pump.  I later moved it to a lower area on the frame.
Hood Hood shot
Passenger Interior Passenger side interior.
Passenger side rear From the back.
Wire loom I had gotten a set of these wire holders that I liked the look and color of.  The problem was that they would not fit between the valve cover and the wheel well.  So, I used a couple of the Stand-offs from a wire separator (like the blue one in the picture), and turned the wire holders "Sideways" to fit in between the valve cover...
Wire Loom ...and the wheel well.  It also clears the headers which is important.
Fuel filter Another shot of the fuel filter, pressure reg., pressure gauge, etc.  Note the chrome PCV line.  It is made from a water supply tube that came from Lowes.  It was easy to bend and pre chromed.  Eventually I may make this with Aluminum 3/8" tubing but it looks okay for now.
Passenger rear A shot of the rear bumper.  This bumper will need to be replaced.