1973 Dodge Charger SE Pictures 1999 - 2000


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1973 Charger pic 1

This was very shortly after I got the Charger.  I had not even changed the headlight bulbs, yet.  Notice the black spot on the upper portion of the passenger side inner bulb.

1973 Charger pic 2 This is another picture from the first show that my Charger was in.  This was about 2 weeks after I got the car.
1973 Charger pic 3 This is another picture of the car.  You start to notice a couple things right away.  The paint is a metallic and it changes color drastically (which I think is cool) and the other is what I think are the ugliest exhaust pipes I can imagine.  Luckily, they will be changed as soon as possible.
1973 Charger pic 4 This is a shot from the third show that I attended with my Charger.  This was only about 2 weeks after the first show, but I guess it was the season...
1973 Charger pic 5 Here is a shot of me by my Charger.
1973 Dodge Charger pic 6 This is another shot of me by my Charger.  Does it look familiar?


Engine bay Well, this is the engine compartment after some dressing up.  And a few parts changed.  I think it is starting to look better.
New Pipes Here is a shot of the new pipes on the car.  A HUGE improvement on the pipes that were on the car when I got it.  Though this is only temporary, it is better than it was.  Notice the stone driveway?  That is one obstacle in getting work done on the car.  Those rocks hurt when you are laying on them.
Engine dressed up This is a closer look at some of the engine dress up.  It still has more to be done and some to be done differently, but it is good for now.
"Glamor Shot" This is a nice shot that most car pictures seem to look best in.
Car shot This is a little higher with a little better view of the top.
show pic This was at one of the cruises in 2000 that I went to.  It gave me an opportunity to see some of the stuff other folks were doing with their cars and to meet some very nice people.
me and the Charger Another shot of me with my Charger.
Engine bay Another engine shot.
Changing Bumper This is where the fun began with the bumper.  One bolt (on one of the bumperettes) just gave me a great deal of grief.  The rest of the bolts broke, which was fine since I had new hardware for the bumper, mounts, etc.
New Bumper After a great deal of time, swearing, tossing a few tools, etc...  The old bumper was off.  Yeah!  And the new one was ready to go on the car!
Seats This is an interior shot.  The lighting and the camera seemed to show a huge color difference in the seat panels.  Even though looking at it in person, you do not see a difference.
Trophy One of the trophies that I received.  It actually started raining during this show.  You can see the beads of rain on the hood of the car.  The wax was working!
Steering Wheel Another interior shot.  This steering wheel would give way one day to a 1974 Dodge Charger SE version.
Engine bay Another engine shot.