Personal Artwork

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You are free to click on the thumbnail and then download the images for non-commercial use.  All I ask is that you drop me an e-mail to let me know that you liked one of my images and which one.  I am interested in which images folks like and which ones I should change out for others.  Thank You in advance.


DO NOT HOT LINK to these images!   I have recently found people linking directly to my files (My Space,, know who you are!).  You may download them according to the procedure I outlined above.  And the folks who have been hot linking to my files have not even had the decency to e-mail me.  I posted these images for folks to use but if people are going to abuse my bandwidth, I will be forced to remove them.  Or, place a watermark on all of them.

I also want to thank all those of you who have e-mailed me about my artwork.  Thank you. :-)

Above the clouds

Above the Clouds

This is one of the pieces I happen to like the most.  It is a view from above a cloud plane.  Notice the two moons.  Many of my landscape images have two moons.  I guess it is just a hint of my Sci-Fi interests.  This landscape was originally generated in Bryce then the moons were added in the graphic touched-up in PhotoShop.

Mirror Spheres

The sphere reflections were added in AFTER the image was rendered.  I used Bryce for the landscape and PhotoShop to add in the reflections.



This image was done in PhotoShop and I was just experimenting with creating spheres.  I happen to like spheres.  You will note that they are also a common theme in many of my works.

Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

Just a thought on a feeling of conflict.  Rendered in Bryce. Lens flare and touch-ups in PhotoShop.

Gateway to...

Gateway to...

Rendered in Bryce with post rendering done in PhotoShop.  A commentary on mystery and choices.

Glass Sphere

Glass Sphere

This image was done completely in PhotoShop.  The creation of the "Glass" sphere, the lens flare, and even the background were all created in PhotoShop.

Glass Spheres


A simple exercise in PhotoShop to create spheres using only the brush tool.

Home Again

Home Again

This image is again, on a Sci-Fi theme.  Alien life traveling home.  This one was done in 1997.

Ice World

Ice World

This was created in a program so long ago that I do not even remember the name of the program.  The Sphere and the moons were added in PhotoShop.

Lava World

Lava World

This is another image created in Bryce with the Sphere, moons and flames added and edited in PhotoShop.

Web Men

Web Men

This was an idea for my web design site.  This image was created using Bryce, Poser and Photoshop.

Simple Moon

Simple moon

This was created in Bryce and edited in PhotoShop.

Mountain top


This was created in Bryce with edits and moons in PhotoShop.  This image was one of the first that I used beams of light in.  This image took days to get to where I liked it.


From a hill

A simple image of an Earth-like planet...again, those moons show up.  This image was created mid-1998.

New Ocean


Another hill view image.

Ocean hill

Ocean Hill

The same program that I created "Ice World" in was used to create this image.  Then the image was brought into PhotoShop to add the lens Flare.

Sphere Family

Sphere Family

Okay, so those spheres have to come from somewhere...  Here is a whole family of spheres on another planet (note the two moons).


Planet Complex

This image took awhile to get the look right and the construction of the building complex to look right.  Originally rendered in Bryce with moons and touch-ups in PhotoShop.


Space Station

Just some space stations.  Something along the lines of a storage facility.  Rendered in Bryce with motion blur and post rendering work done in PhotoShop.



The inspiration for this image was riding along in a car and looking at a swamp along the highway.  I created a swamp of my own in Bryce.

Fairy web

Web Fairy

This image was created in PhotoShop with the help of some brushes.  I liked the end result so I saved this one.