About Me

Brian Dering

Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask.


I sometimes find it difficult to describe myself on a personal level.  I have been referred to as a "Renaissance-man" or a "McGyver" by people who know me.  I believe the best way to describe me is; complex.

I am a diverse individual with many interests, skills and knowledge.  I guess it is something I learned a long time ago.  Growing up, one of my favorite groups was Chicago.  The impression I got from listening to them was the fact that their music was so diverse and was composed of many different styles.  I believed, and still do, that this diversity was what allowed them to release album (those 12" vinyl things that we used to play music...before CDs), after album, year after year.

My grandmother also used to tell me "Don't put all your eggs in one basket".  This advice, coupled with my observations at the time, helped me to understand that diversity was going to help me adapt to changing conditions.  Even without realizing it, I adapted to the situations around me and learned all I could about many different things.

Growing up we really did not have a great deal of money.  Early on, I realized that I had a good talent for 'fixing things'.  Growing up, basically poor, you had to fix what you could because chances were that you were not going to get another one.  Buying something new or replacing something was going to be expensive and it was usually something that was going to mean sacrificing some basic needs or was simply not an option.  I learned to do many things by watching other people fix things and asking questions.  I thank them for their patience and for sharing their skills and expertise.

I did not get here on my own.  I need to thank all the folks that helped me along the way.  Many people helped me by providing me with information or taught me skills that I would use later on in life.  Others provided me with the necessary motivation to learn more and resolve difficult issues.  I need to thank each an every one of those folks.

One thing that I have learned, that has been extremely important, is that you need to keep learning.  I know that I strive to learn all I can about subjects that interest me.  I have also learned from the mistakes I have made and the mistakes of others, from time to time, to help prevent me from making the same mistakes.  This does not mean that I do not make mistakes...I make just as many as anyone else.  But, I have also learned that every mistake should be a learning experience.  If you do not learn from it, you are going to repeat it.  And I do not like making the same mistake twice.

My interests vary; computers and electronics, wood working, metal working, vintage cars (Especially my '73 Dodge Charger), art, music, philosophy, science, science fiction and a whole lot more.  For many years, computers have been my main focus.  The challenges in computer system support, engineering, and use is a never ending learning experience.  I am far from knowing everything and I truly believe that anyone who says they know everything, is mistaken.  The computer system landscape and how it is applied to business and commerce is an ever-changing frontier.

  • My favorite color is Burgundy
  • My least favorite color is Green (except grass and trees and eyes)
  • One of my favorite movies is Mel Brooks' Space Balls
  • One of my favorite TV shows is Star Trek (any variation)
  • TV show that had the greatest impact on me: M*A*S*H, specifically Alan Alda's character "Hawkeye"
  • Least favorite season is Winter
  • Favorite place is a toss-up between Disney World and Aruba
  • My Favorite book is Carl Sagan's Cosmos
  • I would rather live in the country than the city